tHE FAITHFUL REVOLUTION: Vatican ii fifty years later

An in depth study and discussion of one of the greatest religious and cultural events of the past half century

The Second Vatican Council was the 21st ecumenical council in the history of the Catholic Church. 2500 bishops, as well as clergy from other Christian denominations, theologians and lay people participated in various ways at the meetings which spanned from the fall of 1962 through the fall of 1965.

As a result of the Council, major shifts in understanding the meaning of church, the world, the role of the laity, and the relationship of the Catholic Church to other Christians and non-Christians resulted. These shifts subsequently influenced other major events of the times including the women's movement, civil rights, human dignity, social justice, our response to the poor of the world and issues that continue to challenge us today.


Who Could Benefit from this Program?

  • Persons who lived through the Council events and desire to keep alive the spirit and vision of Vatican II.
  • Persons who did not live through the years of the Council, who desire to understand its religious and cultural gifts that are still unfolding and are yet to be realized.
  • People of all faiths who recognize the need for understanding and dialogue among people of all faiths and religious beliefs.


Emmanuel Monastery
2229 W.  Joppa Road
Lutherville MD 21093


Thursday Mornings: Oct. 3, Nov. 14, 2013;  February 6, March 6, April 3, May 8, 2014
9:30 AM -12:00 PM


Participants will view five, sixty five minute videos, THE FAITHFUL REVOLUTION, covering topics related to the Second Vatican Council and related cultural themes of the era. Each video presentation contains original footage of the Council as well as more current interview with people who attended or were influenced by the Council. Discussion and sharing will be part of each session as well.

Session Titles/Themes

October 3 Genius of the Heart: Change and Tradition; The 60's, Liturgical Reform; Pope John XXIII; Goals of the Council
November 14 Inspired Awakening: Paul Vi; Role of Women in the Church; Religious Vocations; Ecumenism; the Lefebvre Movement
February 6 Human Dignity: Human Rights; Religious Freedom; The Sanctuary Movement; The Church in Latin America, Poland, Africa; The Solidarity Movement; the Poor; Collapse of Communism; Pope John Paul II; Interreligious Dialogue; Christian-Jewish Relations; the Holocaust
March 6 A World Transformed: Emerging Laity and Its Leadership; Marriage; Birth Control; Humanaw Vitae; St. Egidio Community; Polarization in the Church; War and Peace; Viet Nam; the Peace Movement; Church and Nuclear Weapons; Civil Rights Movement
Apr 3 & May 8 The Dynamics of Hope: Tension in the Church; Implementation of Vat. II; the Church in Chiapas; Liberation Theology; Social Justice; Dialogue in the Church


$120 for series if registerd by Sept. 13, 2013

$140 for series if registered after Sept. 13 or $25 per session

Some scholarship funds are available. Contact S. Kathy McNany at 410-821-5792.


Register early as space is limited. Registration in writing required:
Send your name, address, phone and e-mail information to:
Emmanuel Monastery
2229 W. Joppa Road
Lutherville, MD  21093-4601

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