Great care and concern are to be shown in receiving poor people and pilgrims, because in them more particularly Christ is received.
(Rule of Benedict 53:15)

Hospitality and community are at the center of all ministry. Emmanuel Monastery is both our home and a place of ministry, and we strive to welcome those who come into our hearts as well as our home. There are many opportunities for spiritual enrichment offered by the sisters: spiritual direction, days of prayer, weekly Lectio prayer groups, private and directed retreats on a space available basis, a monthly Prayer for Peace, and a variety of annual series programs. Our Oblate and PACEM programs offer opportunities to formally connect with the community. Our daily Liturgy of the Hours, morning and evening is open to the public.

Each sister contributes to the community within the monastery, assuming responsibility for the internal running of our home. Such ministries include leadership, formation, finances, maintenance, communications, library, gardening, and the everyday duties of cleaning, doing dishes, answering the phone and door, etc. In addition, the sisters work outside the monastery, some full time and some part time, sharing their gifts with the larger community. It is through these ministries that we support ourselves and the maintaining of the monastery and grounds.